Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cooking Light with my Supper Club!

Tonight was another wonderful supper club gathering with the most amazing women who also happen to be amazing cooks. Our theme this month was Cooking Light recipes, and every single dish tasted wonderful. There was so much variety and each dish was decadent. Conversation was enjoyable, as always, and certain subjects came up that were especially pleasing (i.e. Anthony Bourdain)! Here is what we all cooked...most of the recipes are linked to the Cooking Light website.

Jo made Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Herbs. I popped them in my mouth like they were good! I love dill and there was plenty in the seasoning of the egg filling. It was the perfect spring appetizer plate.
Jo also made a wonderful Kofte with a yogurt harissa sauce. Being Armenian, I absolutely loved these and the sauce was a great accompaniment.
Jo made Green Beans with Orange and Hazelnuts, another spring dish that would be perfect along side any dish. The zest of the orange and rich hazelnut flavor were complex and added so much to the beans.
Alex made a Proven├žale Pepper-Chicken Salad that looks even better than the photo does on the Cooking Light website! And oh it tasted so good! The herbes de provence and sun dried tomatoes gave each bite-full such a pop of flavor, and the sweetness of the peppers was delicious.
Alex also made a Spicy Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew that was perfectly spiced; she even made her own Berbere spice mix! I look forward to making this as well...the spices were phenomenal.
Jo made a basmati saffron rice dish with some green onions to compliment the kofte. There is just something about the color that saffron creates that makes a dish even that more enjoyable to eat.
I made a fun dish called Dracula's Revenge that was a garlicky mix of pasta and sausage! I loved that the recipe called for roasted garlic mashed up into the creamy cheese sauce.
Marianne decided on a Fresh Coconut Cake that was so decadent, it was hard to believe it was light! The frosting was heavenly and had a slight meringue taste that made it over-the-top rich and creamy. I could have eaten her entire cake in one sitting.
Stephanie made a dessert I would be too scared to attempt and gave her lots of credit for: sour cream donut holes! They were absolutely wonderful and the maple glaze just made them all the more appealing since I love anything and everything with maple!
I also tackled a cake recipe and absolutely enjoyed both making it and eating it! Its a Nutty Graham Cake that had orange notes. I look forward to eating a slice tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee. I would definitely make it again.


  1. What an amazing spread. Looks like many good eats. Cheers!

  2. Sounds like you all had fun. I love your Dracula"s Revenge, then again I am a pasta loving fool! I agree that its hard to stop eating deviled eggs, good for you 'candy'.

  3. that looks like an amazing dinner! I may encourage my cooking club to try some of these recipes. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Here's a link to the lamb and rice recipe:

  5. WOW, Amy! As I look over all these dishes, I am getting really hungry - and it's only 10am!

    What fantastic dishes - Congrats!

    Frankie Tomatoes

  6. What a delicious and diverse feast! Love that pasta and those poppable donuts!

  7. Quite a feast! The Dracula's revenge dish sounds like a fun one to try!

  8. Wow, each dish has a unique and wonderful flavor that sets it apart from the others. I would happily try each one and twice on the cake!

  9. Wow! I totally wish I could have crashed that party. Although I have no idea where I would have started.

  10. I always say this when I read your dinner group postings...I wish my group still met!! We disbanded. Guess it happens as you get older?

    That cake looks fattening! So pleased to hear it isn't! Copying that one right now.

  11. A feast for the eyes as well as for the belly. Each recipe looks and sounds delicious. Excellent choices, all!

  12. I find that Cooking light is a great place to find recipes... they always work (how brilliant!)
    This is a virtual feast.

  13. Just found your blog. I started a cooking club in 2006 and we have 12-14 ladies strong! It's so much fun! We did "eggs" as our theme for April and everyone had to make a dish with eggs as the main ingredient. All the food was amazing.